Redken Genius Wash Cleansing Conditioner for Course Hair 16.9 oz

$ 29.95

By Redken

Product Overview

Cleansing condition and co-wash for coarse, dry hair deep conditions with a low foam, paraben-free hair cleansing formula with no sulfates, harsh salts or chemicals

Why You Need A Genius Co-Wash:

  • It’s one step with double benefits: gentle cleansing + extra conditioning
  • Helps hair color last longer
  • Increases manageability
  • If you work out, color your hair or battle frizz

When To Use Genius Wash Cleansing Conditioner For Dry, Coarse Hair:

  • Alternate washing with traditional shampoo and Genius Wash to condition and refresh
  • When hair needs extra moisture and conditioning with gentle cleansing
  • Before updos and events when you need the second day feel without the second day look
  • If you wash your hair everyday, use Genius Wash for every third wash. If you wash your hair less frequently, use Genius Wash for every other wash

How To Use

  • Apply 10-14 pumps depending on hair length and thickness and distribute evenly through damp hair
  • Gently massage
  • Leave in 2-5 minutes for best results
  • Rinse thoroughly

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