Pravana Nevo Hydra Pearls Replenishing Oil Capsules 45 count

$ 18.95

By Pravana

Product Overview

Made up of exotic oils from nature's richest nuts and most nourishing plants, Hydra Pearls are power doses of Drops of the Amazon™, offering an efficient hydrating system that seals in moisture, effectively rejuvenates hair and revives skin.


Mulateiro Extract:Hyper-antioxidant that eliminates free radicals Prolongs integrity of hair and skin tissues Mitigates free-radicals to guard integrity of hair, skin and hair color 

Babassu Oil:Comprised of 70% natural lipids Reinstates and amplifies hair's natural lipid layer Provides a smooth, healthy-looking surface 

Brazil Nut Oil:Super Antioxidant that eliminates free-radicals Rich in selenium, a nutrient that adds elasticity and suppleness to hair


How To Use

  • Use immediately out of shower prior to drying or styling on damp hair. This provides a lightweight shield protecting each hair strand. Apply oil to damp hair and style as desired.
  • Use as a finishing aid after styling to remedy dry, lifeless ends. Distribute 1 pearl between your palms and work into the hair, paying particular attention to the ends of the hair for a shiny, healthy finish.
  • Salon professionals can add a pearl to their hair color mixture prior to applying to clients hair. This will infuse the Pearls' protective properties deep into the hair while providing better color deposit for longer-lasting shine and vibrancy.

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