OPI Nail Envy

$ 17.95


Product Overview

Original Nail Envy

Provide maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails! Ideal for weak, damaged nails.

Matte Nail Envy

Provide invisible protection with this maximum protein-strengthening matte formula! Perfect for men and women who prefer a totally natural look. Great as a base coat, too!

Soft & Thin Nail Envy

Proven Nail Envy technology in a formula designed specifically for soft and thin nails. Fortifies nails with extra calcium.

Dry & Brittle Nail Envy

Proven Nail Envy technology in a moisturizing formula that also protects with antioxidant vitamins E & C. No more snaps, splits or breaks!

Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy

Proven Nail Envy technology in a formula for sensitive and peeling nails. Protects with antioxidant vitamin E and emollient-rich kukui nut oil, plus soothing aloe vera. Formaldehyde-free.

Maintenance Nail Envy

Keep nails to envy with this balanced formula of strengthening and protecting ingredients. Continuing to harden strong nails can result in brittleness; once nails have achieved their optimum strength with Original, Matte, Dry & Brittle, or Soft & Thin Nail Envy, switch to Maintenance Nail Envy to keep them at their best. Not recommended for users of Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy.

How To Use

Apply two coats to clean, dry nails followed by one coat every other day. Remove weekly.



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