Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic + Ion Flex Brush

$ 19.95

By Olivia Garden

Product Overview

Dual-Curve Shape
Perfectly hugs the scalp for incredible comfort & superior styling control
Every bristle is actively styling with each stroke
Provides great scalp massage

Latest Ceramic Technology
Heats up faster & retains heat longer
Achieves superior & long-lasting hairstyles

Tourmaline Ion Technology
Hydrates the cuticle
Adds more shine to the hair
Eliminates frizz & flyaways

Flexible Vented Head Design
Adjusts tension based on hair type
Easier & gentler detangling
Extra large vents allow greater airflow
Reduces drying time

Unique Handle Design
Unique snag-free ring
Easy-grip ergonomic handle for greater overall comfort
Retractable sectioning pick

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