Loma Deep Conditioner

$ 21.50

By Loma

Product Overview

Loma Deep Conditioner is a triple use product that can be used as an intensive deep conditioner, luxurious cleansing conditioner, and a texturizing styler!

  • 100% Silicone-free, uses Olive Oil Extract
  • Contains Creatine: 35% more effective than any protein or keratin at rebuilding damaged hair.
  • Gentle Aloe-based formula for damaged hair and irritated scalp.

How To Use

Deep Conditioning:

  • Apply to clean damp hair. 
  • Allow to soak for 4 minutes then rinse. Apply heat for enhanced reconstructing.

Cleansing Conditioner:

  • Apply to damp hair, massage through from roots to ends. 
  • Rinse and re-apply for conditioning phase.

Texturizing Styler:

  • Apply small amount to clean damp hair. 
  • Blow dry for body and texture.

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