It's A 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner In One 6 oz

$ 19.95

By It's A 10

Product Overview

It’s a 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner In One Let’s You Clean and Control in Less Time

Enjoy the simple miracle of more time between washes with It’s a 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in One. Preserve that perfect blow out without greasy build-up. Give additional life to color treated hair with fewer shampoos. Or, even touch-up styles without piling on layers of additional styling product. Our unique lightweight, no-water-needed formula absorbs oil, eliminates tangles, refreshes fragrance, and enhances hair’s overall health with keratin-enriched conditioners. Now the It’s a 10 look and performance you love is available with spray-on convenience anytime, anywhere.


Hydrolyzed Keratin: restores lost moisture and strength to dry, brittle, color treated or otherwise damaged hair by infusing it with the same natural proteins that make up hair in the first place.

Panthenol: a highly effective strengthener

Linalool: plant-based shaper and fragrance

Geraniol: a natural fragrance derived from the geranium plant

Tocopheryl Acetate: a rich Vitamin-A component that helps seal hair shaft and protect from heat and environmental damage

Hexyl Cinnamal: a component of essential chamomile oil, known to soothe hair and impart fragrance

Aluminum Starch: highly effective oil absorption that is virtually weightless with little to no build-up

Citronellol: a lemony scented oil that strengthens hair against environmental hazards like fungus and dirt build-up

How To Use

Hold It’s a 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in One 8 to 12 inches from dry hair. Spray lightly and evenly over all strands, taking care not to saturate any one section of hair. Work from roots to ends, then style or touch up as usual.

Effective with just simple brushing or as a heat-styling aid for flat irons or curling irons to keep that day-1 style looking perfect on day 2, 3, or beyond.

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