It's A 10 Miracle Defrizzing Gel 5 oz

$ 17.95

By It's A 10

Product Overview

Battle frizz with the new Miracle Defrizzing Gel, the It’s a 10’s new secret weapon. When time isn’t on your side and unruly hair is your nemesis, there is no patience for unmanageable hair. This Miracle Defrizzing Gel delivers a humectant that stabilizes moisture levels in the hair fiber, which is essential for taming hair. Unlike other leading defrizzing gels, this lightweight formula quenches the thirst of each individual strand and smooth’s the lifted cuticles as well as reduces breakage and spilt ends from the inside out. The product has a mild hold to withstand humidity and weather elements. Used for straight or curled hair, this industry-leading product is the antidote to all symptoms of hair sabotage.


Propylene Glycol- a humectant

• Balances moisture levels in the hair
• Moisturizes and softens curls

Glycerin- a humectant

• Balances moisture levels in the hair fiber
• Conditions dry, delicate curls
• Reduces frizz
• Strengthens hair, reducing breakage and split ends

Quaternium-22- film former

• Increases body and suppleness of hair
• Reduces frizz and flyaways
• Adds shine
• Improves the texture of damaged hair

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