Healthy Sexy Soya Want It All 22 In 1 Leave-In Treatment 5.1 oz

$ 19.95

By Sexy Hair

Product Overview

A lightweight leave-in conditioner containing our Soy, Cocoa and Argan Oil blend that penetrates the hair shaft helping to rebuild and protect hair from roots to ends. 22 key benefits include: Thermal Protection, Humidity Resistance, Moisture, Nourishment, Body Building, Repair, Shine, Smoothness, Color Protection, Detangling, Elasticity, Environmental Protection, Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Anti-Aging, Soothing, Strength, Style Control, Damage Control, Lightweight, Priming and Damage Prevention.


  • Argan Oil naturally hydrates hair, improves elasticity, helps reduce frizz
  • Canola Oil, Wheat amino acids, Panthenol- Pro Vitamin B moisturizing, nourishing and conditioning for hair and scalp
  • Keratec IFP anti-aging against environmental stress

How To Use

Wash and condition hair with your favorite Sexy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner. Spray Soya Want It All in hair and comb through for even application. With a round brush, begin blow drying hair until about 90% dry starting in the front. Stroke hair with your open fingers in the direction of desired finished results.

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