Gibs Stiffy Stache and Mohawk Glue 1.5 oz

$ 20.95

By Gibs

Product Overview

Stiffy 'Stache and Mohawk Glue is an extreme hold adhesive that will keep your style rock hard all day long. This product contains Ginseng and Dragon's Blood to help your hair stay strong. After all, no one wants their hair to be limp and lifeless.

How To Use

Mustache Directions: Put a small amount of glue on your index finger, then rub index finger and thumb together. Use both fingers to achieve your desired style, from the Dali to the Handlebar!

Mohawk Directions: Squeeze a small amount onto palms, rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair. For ultimate spikes, add a little extra to the tips and twist between fingertips.

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