Brocato Vibracolor Fade Prevent Shampoo

$ 19.50

By Brocato

Product Overview

Brocato’s “intelligent” shampoo extends the life and brilliance of your hair color. It is SULFATE FREE and has a paraben-free preservative system that is rich in vitamins. Our extensively-researched regimen balances moisture and strength to provide total hair harmony.


Incroquat UV-283, Conditioneze NT 20 and Sunflower Seed Extract (Heliogenol)
Anti-oxidants that help protect the hair from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Superior conditioning agents prevent buildup. Excellent for color stability.

How To Use

Wet hair, apply shampoo and lather well. For best results, allow 1-2 minutes for shampoo to impart the active ingredients! Rinse well with water.

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