Style Sexy H2No 3 Day Style Saver Dry Shampoo 5.1 oz

$ 18.95

By Sexy Hair

Product Overview

A translucent light and layerable dry shampoo that helps keep blowouts looking fresh for 3 days. This dry shampoo will provide shine and prolong the time between shampoos, resulting in color vibrancy and reduction of chemical damage to the hair.


  • Zeolite oil absorption
  • Sunflower Oil conditioning agent and UV absorption
  • Silica anti-caking and texture
  • Panthenol shine and hair conditioning.

How To Use

Shake well, part, lift and spray 4-5 inches from the root in dry hair. Massage thoroughly with fingertips. If excess product appears, remove with the swipe of a brush. Reapply as needed to absorb excess oil, product buildup, and impurities while extending the life of your blowout.

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