Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry 2-Day Extender Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair 5 oz

$ 19.95

By Redken

Product Overview

Redken's first dry shampoo for dark hair absorbs oil to extend the life of any blowout or hairstyle without any tell-tale white residue.

New Touch-Activated Fragrance technology keeps hair smelling fresh all day, while the brunette formula blends seamlessly into dark haircolors.

  • Instantly refreshes hair
  • Absorbs oil to extend the life of your blow-dry
  • Preps hair for updos by giving extra grip
  • Matte finish with no visible residue

How To Use

  • Shake well and spray dry shampoo evenly onto dark hair. Brush through to remove any excess.
  • Blast dry using fingers for tousled texture or a round brush for volume
  • Works best on hair that hasn't been freshly shampooed

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