It's A 10 Potion 10 Styling Potion 4.5 oz

$ 20.50

By It's A 10

Product Overview

Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion … The Secret to Gorgeous Styling Success

Ever wish you could perfect your dream hair style and improve the overall condition of your hair at the same time? Think of Potion 10 as your secret weapon. Lightweight and silky, with no dulling residue or stiffness, our miracle elixir absorbs into hair, smoothing and sealing the hair shaft from the inside out for ultimate shine and manageability. At the same time, it also holds and locks in blow-outs and other styles with rich conditioning and protection against humidity and frizz. It’s an everything-you-need and more-than-you-expect product that no stylist or hairstyle enthusiast should be without.


Hydrolyzed Silk: an easy-to-absorb silk protein formula that restores natural lightweight moisture balance while adding strength and shine

Silk Amino Acids: restores natural moisture balance while adding strength and shine

Limonene: a citrus-like ingredient that aids in absorption of moisture and conditioners

Linalool: plant-based shaper and fragrance

Geraniol: a natural fragrance derived from the geranium plant

Panthenol: a highly effective strengthener

How To Use

The beauty of It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Potion is the variety of ways to use it. Infuse hair with a spritz or two of product to smooth down flyaways in a ponytail or bun. Or, gently coat curls or waves before putting hair in rollers or twists for a setting spray that softens while it styles.

You can even combine with an in-shower conditioner or use separately instead of conditioner prior to blow-drying or using heat tools to minimize damage while maximizing shine and luster.

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