Big Sexy Spritz & Stay Intense Hold Non-Aerosol Spray 8.5 oz

$ 16.95

By Sexy Hair

Product Overview

An innovative non-aerosol hairspray that delivers the fastest drying, longest lasting, and most intense hold for any hairstyle. This fine, clear mist gives all-day control without stiffness or buildup. Formulated with excellent moisturizing agents and an effective UV protector, Spritz & Stay is formulated to provide a high sheen and a durable yet touchable hold. It also provides humidity resistance and encourages “greener” styling through the use of environmentally conscious packaging.


 Pro-Vitamin B5 Adds thickness and moisture to the hair shaft

How To Use

Spritz onto dry hair to finish any style when a non-aerosol hairspray is preferred. Can be used to target a specific area or provide an all-over, long lasting hold.

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