AG Spray Body Soft Hold Volumizer 8 oz

$ 21.95

By Ag Hair

Product Overview

Fine hair hates weight. Spray Body is an alcohol-free, soft-hold volumizer specially formulated for very fine to medium hair. Packed with volumizing and body building panthenol, Spray Body not only volumizes but is also an effective style refresher throughout the day.

Volume Factor: 2/5


  • Panthenol – thickens the hair shaft
  • Wheat protein (gluten-free)- adds body, shine and conditions
  • Silk protein – adds strength, elasticity and shine
  • Herbal extracts – soothe the scalp and add shine to hair
  • Alcohol-free – formulated in a soothing natural herbal base that won’t dry out hair

How To Use

Spray through clean, damp hair, paying attention to roots. Blow dry. The more you spray, the more volume you get. Re-spray during the day to refresh tired styles.

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